DYSANA S.L.U. is a company that has over 40 years of experience in the metal processing sector which has a structure with multiple technologies with our own technology focused on the transformation of tubular parts for the manufacture and development of metal processing in general.


metallic parts

We have automated machinery and one of our advantages is that we develop our own tools, molds and dies for any kind of transformation from complex parts to fully finished products.

Structure: We have the resources to meet all needs in the process of production or processing of metal parts with automated processes.

Adaptability: Our structure allows a rapid intervention in cases of urgency or prototyping giving a perfect coverage in the production of small and medium series.

Full Service: DYSANA S.L.U. offers its clients a comprehensive service and attention, which begins in the preliminary consultation to delivery of finished product. Our customer are free from the associated external works such as painting, bathrooms, ... etc.